Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn Vineyard FTU

I wrote this Tutorial, any resemblance to others,is purely coincidental..Please do NOT add this to any Website,Forum or Group,without my Permission...
The Tube I am using is by Anne Stokes and can be found Here  
This Awesome Kit I used is called " Autumn Vineyard" it is a FTU kit,by Melissa at P&A Dezines You can find her work Here and Here  
My supplies  Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
900 X 900
1.) EL.16--Resize = R = 60% sharpen -- Unsharp mask = USM- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL- Place in center--DS
2.) C&P the lake/Stream as NRL--you will find these in my supplies-it was made by me,please do not use it in other tags . move this below bridge--make sure it looks good when happy add DS.
3.) Grass _ also found in my supplies-- C&P as NRL -- Place on bottom left--duplicate = dup.-- mirror and make sure it fits together--merge down = MD -- then crop -- opaque - 900 X 900-- ok - dup. grass again- and move this below the water and bridge layers--rename your layers--grass,water,bridge--
4.) Sky- also in my supplies -C&P as NRL--place below grass layer--dup. - mirror--MD- Crop Opaque -- 900 X 900 move up a little-- dup. --when happy MD. and Crop Opaque--same settings
5.) Clouds -- also in my supplies --  C&P as NRL-- place on left side -- dup.-- R = 80% sharpen-- dup. -R = 80% - sharpen- place it like mine-Tag Reference = TR -- No DS
6.) Tube -- C&P as NRL--place on bottom left--dup.-adjust-blur-gaussian-6--Blend Mode = Hard light -- opacity--90% --MD--DS--
7.) EL.15--C&P as NRL--place on right side of bridge--DS--TR
8.) EL.10 -- R = 50% X 2-- USM--C&P as NRL--place on tree branch--DS--do as many as you wish,duplicating the leaf and placing them on the tree..when happy.MD, all leaves to tree-TR
9.) EL.11. --R-= 50% & 80% -- USM - C&P as NRL - DS -place on tree--dup a few X's, I did 3,Merge them onto the tree.
10.) EL.18-R = 50% X 2 & 80% X 2 - USM --C&P as NRL--DS--place below tree on the grass--dup.. R = 80%--Place a few around the grassy parts.. TR
11.) EL.2--R = 80% X 2  USM --C&P as NRL--DS -- place on bottom right --dup. == mirror and place below the tube area on left side.
12.) EL.7 -- R = 50% -- USM.--C&P as NRL--DS-- place next to bridge on the right side--dup.--R = 80% -- move to left of 1st flower--dup. and move this one on the right of flower. Merge them together. Dup. and mirror,place behind tube.
13.) EL.8 - R= 80% X2-- USM. -- C&P as NRL -- Mirror and place on left side,place below the tube layer.
14.) EL.14--R= 80% -USM.-- C&P as NRL-- place in front of bridge--DS --TR
15.) Sparkles--R = 80%-- sharpen -C&P as NRL- Place on top of tag. TR
16.) EL.9 -- R = 50% & 80% X 2 -- USM. -- C&P as NRL -- place on top of tree --DS-- TR.--dup. and move him down a little..add one more ad put him on the bridge.
If you don't want to animate, Merge Visible all layers-
17.) Add all copy right info, name and save as PNG.. If you want to animate, keep going.
18.) Do not merge, on top layer ADD all Copy right info.
19.) Close bird on the bridge,tube,and CR.. Merge visible all other layers.. 
Copy Bird,mirror, move him over a few inches, Keep coping and mirror until you go down the side of the close off all layers but the 1st bird.. open tube..
20.) Open Animation shop,Copy merged and paste the 1st bird/tube layer as New animation, 
21.) Back in PSP, close off 1st bird, open 2nd bird, Copy merged and paste into AS -- after  current frame, continue doing this till you have all your birds walking down the bridge..
Now on 1st frame, Edit, frame Properties,--30 -- with your frames still active, copy merged and go to last frame, paste after current frame, these should now be active,then you want to go to animation--reverse frames, I have a total of 13 frames... 
22.) Now with 13 frames you want to make the 1st and last one slower, so I put #1. = 50
2- 12 = 30
13 = 40
13.) Once happy view and save as GIF..
Thank you for looking at my work..


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