Saturday, December 28, 2013

Burr 2 PTU

I wrote this tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence.
Please do NOT add this to any Groups,forum,website etc. without my permission.
Our Scrap kit is by Cari at Black widows Creationz .its name is "Burr" found Here  
The tube I am using is by Cherie Roberts and can be found Here
DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Lets Begin:
900 X 900
1.) EL 34--C&P as NRL--with Magic wand -click on the inside frame
2.) P6  - (or one of your choice) C&P as NRL-- invert and delete --SN --move below frame
3.) Tube -- C&P as NRL -- now duplicate- Blur-gaussian 6- blend mode= multiply -Opacity = 80% --MD -- Dup --now move layer below frame
4.) With Freehand selections tool -- These settings-(-point -  to - point, add shift,feathering =1,smoothing = 0,and anti-alias, checked --)go over frame layers on top--EX..
DS bottom tube--close bottom layer and then MV all layers--rename --Frame
5.) EL 12 - R = 80% --sharpen-- C&P as NRL--place on right side - DS
6.) EL 16 -- C&P as NRL --Place upper left top -- DS-- move layer below frame layer
7.) EL 3 -- C&P as NRL -- Place on right middle -- TR -- move layer below tree -- DS
8.) EL 32 --C&P as NRL -- place on  bottom left -- DS
9.) EL 14 --C&P as NRL--Place on Upper right -- DS --dup. and mirror -- move it over to the other one on right side--crop -- opaque--900 X 900--do this for all 3 layers-- MD
10.) EL 1 -- C&P as NRL -- R=80% - sharpen--place on left side bottom -- DS -- TR
11.) EL 2 -- R = 50% --USM--C&P as NRL-- Place it left center of tag --DS--TR-- dup. R = 80% place near tree--TR-- dup. R = 80% place upper middle side of tree--TR
12.) EL 19--R = 50%--USM --C&P as NRL--PLace on tag--lower left bottom--beside glass--DS--dup.-R=80%--move behind glass-- TR
13.) EL 18-- R = 80%- USM-- C&P as NRL--Move layer behind-- EL 2--DS --TR
14.) EL 7 -- R = 60% USM-C&P as NRL-- place on upper right corner--DS--TR--free rotate- right 25%
15.) EL 6--R= 60% --USM-C&P as NRL--place on upper left side.
16.) EL 5-- R = 60% USM --C&P as NRL--place lower right bottom--DS--TR
17.) EL 9--R = 40%-USM--C&P as NRLPlace on upper center-- DS--TR
18.) with bottom still closed off -MV all layers R--56%-sharpen--504 X 504
Add paper of choice.
19.) add a mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--when done-- open bottom layer and MV all layers..
Now add All Copy Rights and Name --then save as PNG.
Thank you Cari for letting me use your kits..and I really would like to see,any results using my tutorials.

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