Friday, January 17, 2014

Acidia PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,any Resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT add this to any Forum,Website or Group,without my permission,thanx's
The Beautiful Kit I am using is called "Acidia" and you can find it over at Cari's store "Black Widow Creationz" Here 
The Beautiful Tube is by Rebecca Cox and can be found Here 
My Supplies Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Let's Begin
open my supplies and put them where you can use, they are examples of this tut.
900 X 900
2 Colors from tube-One Dark and one light.
1.) Grab your Ellipse tool - Circle-Create as Vector checked- Line style-Diamond-width-20-on materials palatte-background- dark color- draw out a good size circle -( EX.1)
Ex.1b.- align-center in canvas- (EX.2)--convert to raster layer -Duplicate = dup.
2.) With magic wand - starting at top- click inside each other Diamond- I did mine left and then right till I got to the bottom,and there is 2 at the bottom,as in (EX.3)
3.) With light color- add New Raster Layer-color all the ones who have "ants" around them as in (EX. 4)--. when you are done delete the duplicate- you should now have 3 layers, rename them - I did mine dark cir. and light cir.
4.) Working on top layer- grab Ellipse tool again- circle- create as Vector checked--line solid--Width 10--Gradient- gold-angle/0 - repeats-/0-invert unchecked -(EX. 5 & 6) back ground - Gold- F/0--draw out a circle as all most as large  as the diamonds (EX.7 ) center in canvas- convert to raster layer--now as an Inner Bevel-color -AD8F3B -(EX. 8)
5.) Paper 9 ( or 1 of choice) --with magic wand-click inside the circle-- copy and paste = C&P as New Raster layer = NRL- invert on frame -- delete on paper--select none- crop opaque-900X900--DS--place paper below frame.
6.) Tube - C&P as NRL -place in center - dup.- blur- gaussian 6 -- blend mode = multiply - opacity - 70 - merge down-= MD-- DS -- Tag reference  = TR
7.) EL 19 - C&P as NRL - place on the upper right--DS
8.) EL 18 - Resize = R.-80% -sharpen -move to upper left - place right above bottom layer--free rotate - left - 15-DS-TR
9.) EL. 28 - C&P as NRL -place on paper layer--move layer below tube - DS - TR
10.) EL.3-C&P as NRL -place on left side center--DS--Dup.-Mirror and move the layer below frame layer remove any that is over hanging--TR
11.) EL.34--C&P as NRL -- mirror- move to bottom of frame-- place layer above bottom layer--DS--Dip. --Flip--MD--
12.) EL. 35 --R = 80% X2-C&P as NRL - move to lower left bottom -- DS -- mirror -- TR
13.) EL. 9 --C&P as NRL-- place bottom right--DS
14.) EL. 8--C&P as NRL--place center right -- DS -- TR
15.) EL. 7--   C&P as NRL--DS -- move layer right above heart layer -- Dup.-- mirror - flip-- MD
16.) EL . 29 -- R-= 60% -- USM --C&P as NRL -place on  bottom left layer- DS--move layer below-- layer 35
17.) EL 25 - R = 60 USM - C&P as NRL -- place on left side-- DS -- TR
  Dup. R = 80% -- place a few of each flowers around--
18.) EL 11--R = 50%-USM -C&P as NRL- place on paper- move behind tube-- mirror -- DE -- RT
19.) EL 12- R - 50 % X 80% X 2 -- USM -- C&P as NRL--place on right side -- DS. --TR.
20.) EL. 16- R.--60% -- USM --C&P as NRL-- place it  on paper layer - move below frame . DS & TR
21.) EL 14-- R= 60% X2 USM =C&P as NRL -- place on upper left side--place under frame --DS--TR--I added 3 flowers
22.) EL. 30- C&P as NRL- place center on tag (DS)
23.) EL 31.- C&P as NRL -- place on bottom of tag (TR) (DS)
24.) Close all layers from peach diamond down--Merge Visible = MV -- rename top
25.) Close out top-peach diamond--brown diamond--MV --rename bottom-
26.) resize all layers 56-= 504 X 504 --add paper of choice,and then mask of choice--delete mask, ungroup layers--Md to bottom--crop opaque-- ADD ALL Copy RIght info  and name,if you dont want to animate go ahead and save as Png.. 
                                            Let's animate
open Animation shop
1.) Close peach layer-Copy merged + CPM and Paste into animation shop as new animation.
2.) Close this layer and open pink one, CPM -- paste into selection--repeat till you have all layers in AS
when done, view then edit all --animation properties-- white --opaque.. then frame properties -- set at 20
thank you for trying out my Tutorials
not -annimated


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