Saturday, February 8, 2014

Be Mine PTU

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others, is purely coincidence. DO NOT share this on any website,group or Forums, without my Permission.
The Artwork I am using is by Greg Horn ( I do not know if he has signed with any tube store.If anyone knows his new CR, Please let me know and I will add it to this tut.) You can view his art Here
This Beautiful Scrapkit is by Cari at Black Widow Creationz it's called "Be Mine" and can be found Here
Let's Begin
Filter = Penta: Dot and Cross
Mask = Here -- Use # 0309
Drop Shadow = DS -- 2,2,50,5 black
2 to 3 tubes,  from same artist
900 X 900
1.) EL. 9 --C&P as NRL--place in center
2.) With Magic wand- click on center of Frame--Selection-modify-expand 30 -
3.) Paper 4 (or your choice)- -C&P as NRL-- place over frame-- invert 0n frame - delete on paper -- Select None-move paper below frame- DS both
4.) On paper - go to Penta- dot and cross - use default 
5.) 1 st. Tube---C&P as NRL--place under frame - erase any that over hangs in the bottom-Duplicate - blur - gaussian 6- Blend mode - Luminance Legacy- opacity-100--merge down- and add DS
6.) Close bottom layer - keep it closed through out tut.--Merge visible all Layers-- rename - frame
7.) EL 14 ---C&P as NRL---place upper right--move layer below frame--NO DS-- duplicate-- mirror -- flip
8.) EL 23--mirror --C&P as NRL--R=80 % -- sharpen-- place on left bottom-- DS -- TR
9.) EL 18 --R = 80% --sharpen---C&P as NRL-- place left Center--move below  (#8)  TR'
10.) EL 2.--C&P as NRL--Place on top right -- DS - TR
11.) EL 28 ---C&P as NRL-- Place on Bottom right -- DS -- TR -- Move layer below Frame
12.) EL 29 -- R = 80% --sharpen--C&P as NRL-- Place on top left-- DS-- TR
13.) EL 13 ---C&P as NRL--Place on left center--move layer below (#12) NO DS
14.) EL 16 ---C&P as NRL-- Place on lower left center-- DS--TR
15.) EL 36 --C&P as NRL-- Mirror -- Place on upper left - move layer below frame layer.
16.) Tube 2--C&P as NRL--place on lower left bottom--dup. - blur - gaussian 6 --blend mode - soft light--opocity 100 - MD==DS---TR
17.) EL 19. - R = 80% sharpen ---C&P as NRL-- place center bottom- Move layer below -- WA layer-- DS -- TR
18.) EL 39 -- R =70% & 80% -- mirror--USM--C&P as NRL-- place on right side bottom of heart frame--DS -- TR
19.) EL 43--C&P as NRL--place on left center-- DS-- TR --move layer below 2nd tube layer
20.) EL 5- R-60% X 2 -- USM ---C&P as NRL--place center top -- DS - TR-- dup.- move to left center--free rotate-left 25%--dup. again= R = 75% ==mirror=move to center on right side-- TR
21.) Close out WA and 2nd tube,with background still closed-- merge visible --all layers
22.)  {A.) If you don't want to animate go ahead and open your WA and 2nd tube-merge down--resize 56% = 504 X 504 -- add a paper of choice-- and then add Mask 0309-- delete mask and then ungroup layers..
B.) Make sure all layers are open,and merge visible--all layers-
Add all copyrights and save as PNG}
Now Let's Animate
23.) Open WA and 2nd tube, C&P 3rd tube as NRL--  Place it nicely behind  2nd tube.--dup.--blur-- gaussian 6 --Blend Mode hard light -- opacity-- 90 % - MD-- add DS  -TR     
24.) WA & 2nd tube--MD - rename - both tube layers (EX; T1,T2,Tag & Bottom, you should have 4 layers (2 tube layers- tag -- bottom--) Resize all layers- 56%  = sharpen= 504 X 504 
25.) add paper as NRl make sure it is above the bottom-- add Mask 0309 - or one of your choosing-- delete mask-- ungroup layers-- now merge tag- bottom- and mask layers  =
26.) Add all Copy right info.. now close off T2, copy merged and Paste into AS as New Animation-
27.) Back in PSP -- close out T1 -- and Copy merged..(make sure when you do this, you are on the right layer )
28.) Paste after current frame-- select all- animation -- animation properties-- opaque -- white- then go to frame properties and on 1st frame-150 and 2nd frame 200 -- view and when happy save as GIF.
Thank you so much for doing my tut.


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