Monday, April 28, 2014

R.I.P. Daniel Joseph "Joey" West

Goodbye Joey
I am sorry that I didn't get this up sooner, I was wracked with what I was going to say.. I met Joey (as I called him), you might have known him as "Daniel" or "Daniel Joe:" It doesn't really matter, he came a running no matter who, you called.
Anyway, we met 31 years ago this May, through a mutual friend, My hubby "Terry". Although Terry and Joey were best friends, they always referred themselves as Brother's, there isn't a thing they wouldn't do for each other, and believe me, they could tell a story.  Even though there was only a 3 year difference in our ages, he always called me "Miss Angie", which he knew I hated, it made me feel  so old..
In 1995, Joey Moved his little family up here, to Texas . That is when we met Sheila, Amber and Fantasia. He loved his girls, they at least got to know who Aunt Dot and Uncle Harry were. He even was buying a house here, but that didn't last long, Florida was calling him back, so he left with Sheila and the Girls, he tried moving back here again, but that didn't pan out either. Joey and Terry kept up with each other, first by phone and then Emails as well, and here recently Facebook.. You can always tell when they had a disagreement, and I think the whole world knew too..
Joey, you will be missed more that you realize. Thank you for sharing your world with us every day..
He loved his 3 girls ,and his adopted children, and he Loved His Grand-kids, nieces and nephews. Joey you won't be here with us anymore, but you left your mark on each and every person you befriended.. Sleep well, and I hope we meet again.
Your Friend and Sister- in - law

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