Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boobie's "PTU"

I wrote this tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please Do Not add to any website,Yahoo-group or Forum,without permission from me.
The Scrapkit I am using is called "Boobie's" By Black Widow Creationz and can be found Here
The Tube I am using is by Ismael Rac and can be found Here
Let's Begin
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,black
Tube-1-- Close-up
800 X 800
1.) EL 34-- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--
2.) With magic wand click in the center of frame,--selections--modify-expand X10
3.) P 10--C&P as NRL-- place over frame-- invert on frame--delete on paper--Select None - = SN.
move paper below frame--DS both.
Click canvas- and shift D--you are coping canvas.--set aside.
Now back on original canvas
4.) Close-up tube--(R -if needed) --C&P as NRL-- place beneath frame--duplicate=Dup.-- blur--gaussian blur-6--Blend mode=BM-Multiply---opacity = Op.-=80%-- Merge Down -= MD--DS--Place the tube the way you want and then erase any hanging out of frame.Merge tube with frame---Tag reference= TR
4.b) on the other canvas,Tube --C&P as NRL--Repeat the above,making sure you move tube a bit,and make it look a little different..when done-- Copy Merged and paste as new layer on working canvas.. arrange the way I have mine..--TR
5.) EL 6--C&P as NRL-- place on top right--move layer right above background--TR
6.) EL 40- Mirror---C&P as NRL--place on bottom left--DS
7.) EL 42--R=70% X2--sharpen--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--Place on right side--DS
8.) EL 43--R= 70% X2--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL-- place on right side--DS--TR
9.) Dup.EL 43--a few times-- placing them around canvas--(I placed mine on EL6,  resizing 80%--each time)
10.) El 45----C&P as NRL--place on right side--place layer above background--DS--TR
11.) EL 13.--R=80%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL----Place on bottom front--DS
12.) EL 15--R=80% unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--Place on upper left side--DS
13.) EL 17--R = 50% & 80%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL---place on bottom in front of drink-DS
14.)EL 8--R=50%--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL--place on bottom left--DS
15.) EL 7--R=50% X2----C&P as NRL--Place on right side--DS--TR
16.) EL 35----C&P as NRL--Place on bottom right--DS--TR
17.) EL 1-R= 50% & 80%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL-- place on top right of upper frame--DS--free rotate left 15
18.) close Background--and Merge Visible all layers--
R= 63% --unsharp mask
19.) P7 ( or one of choice) --C&P as NRL--make sure it is on the background--add mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--SN--Crop --opaque--now open background,and Merge Visible all layers.
20.) Add ALL Copy Right Info.- Name and save as PNG
I hope you enjoyed my tut,and that it was easy to follow.

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