Sunday, September 30, 2012

Forest River Fairy (PTU)

I wrote this tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please Do Not add to any website,Yahoo-group or Forum,without permission from me.
This Beautiful Fairy kit is called "Forest River Fairy" and is by Eclipse Creations, you can find her work Here
The Beautiful Fairy is by Rachael Tallamy and you can find her work Here
My Supplies: Here

Let's Begin
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5,black

800 X 800
1.) P1--Resize = R-80% X20--sharpen--unsharp mask-- Copy & Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-- Place on upper right side,about 3 squares from the edge.
2.) Add NRL-- With paint brush--round-fuzzy soft--size 100--step = 5--density = 100--rotation = 0 00 opacity = Op-= 100 (default settings) using the picture as an example, this color (576d7d) color your layer,to just below the paper layer..don't worry you can cut the excess off as shown in my examples,1&2 ,found in my supplies. Move layer below paper layer.
3.) Grass (in supplies) --C&P as NRL--place on bottom of canvas ( don't DS)--duplicate = dup..--move this layer up until it covers the pond..Merge Down = MD--and place layer right above sky layer. Ex.3
4.) Tube-- (R--if needed)----C&P as NRL--Place on lower left side,dup.--blur-gaussian 6--Blend Mode = BM= Hard light -- Op.= 90%--MD--DS--Tag reference = TR.
5.) Trail--mirror----C&P as NRL--place on left side of canvas, and move layer below tube layer--DS--TR
6.) Mushroom House--R= 50% X2--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place it at the end of the trail--DS--move layer below tube.
7.) Mushroom- R= 50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place on bottom right--DS--TR--you can dup. and move them around, I resized as I went,80%-(sharpen for each resize)--MD
8.) Leaves 4----C&P as NRL--place upper right corner(Don't DS)--dup.--mirror--on dup..--Op=70%--MD
9.) Bird house--R=80%X2--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--mirror--place it behind the tube--move layer below tube layer..DS--TR
10.) Flower---C&P as NRL-- Place on right side--move layer below the mushroom layer---DS-
11.) Flowers--the blue ones--R=50%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--move to left and over some--place in front of bird house--move layer below tube layer--DS--TR
12.)Leaves 3----C&P as NRL--place on left side--DS--place layer below tube layer--TR--dup.--mirror--MD
13.) Leaves 2----C&P as NRL----place on right bottom--DS
14.) Unicorn--R = 50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place in front of paper-move layer to right above paper--DS--TR
15.) Tree 2--R=50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place behind mushroom house--DS--TR--move layer down to right above unicorn.
16.) Water Lily--R=50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place on paper--move layer to above paper layer--DS--dup.--R=80%-sharpen-place where you like on water.
17.) SpiderWeb--R=80X3--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL--place on left side-top of tree--DS--TR
18.) Pot-R=70%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place in front--DS--TR
19.) Pink sparkle---C&P as NRL--place over pot--DS--TR
20.) Owl--R=50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place on top of mushroom house--DS--TR
21.)Curious Swag----C&P as NRL-- place on bottom--move layer below tube layer--DS--dup.--move this layer above tube--with Lasso tool-(default or--point-to-point--add shift--feather=0--smoothing=0--anti-alias-checked) go around the swag on top--EX4--delete-on top swag--Select None-TR
22.) Branch--R=50%--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL--mirror--place on right side-up by tree--DS--move layer right above the paper layer.--TR
23.) Sparkle-R=50%-unsharp mask----C&P as NRL----place on right side--on branch1--DS
24.) Air Balloon--R= 50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--place top of paper--DS--TR
25.) Branch 2----C&P as NRL--place on top--move over to left --DS--TR
26.) Bubbles 2-R=50%--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL--mirror--place left on paper--TR--move layer below tube layer--(DON'T DS)
27.) Bubble-R=50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--move to right side of paper--(DON'T DS) TR
28.) Bottle*-R=50%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--DS--place in front--dup--R=80X4--unsharp mask--place on trail--TR
29.) Bird 2--R = 60%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL--mirror--place in front of unicorn--TR--DS
30.)Bird----C&P as NRL--place on very bottom right side--DS--TR
31.) Butterflyes--(no I did not misspell as NRL--place in center and move to top.DS--TR
32.) Sparkle 4--R=60%--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL---place on left side--move below tube layer (Don't DS)
33.) Sparkle 3---C&P as NRL---Place on upper right side--place layer behind tube--(Don't DS)
34.) Sparkle 2---C&P as NRL---place it up and over to left a little--TR--(don't DS)
35.) Sparkle 1----C&P as NRL--place on bottom-once happy Merge Visible all layers--R=63%--sharpen
36.) Now go to layers--add Border--4 inches--E4178E
and 2 inches---576D7D
once done..
37.) R==97% --- all layers--unsharp mask-
38.) Add All Copy Right Information--Name and Save as PNG
Thank you for trying my tutorial,sorry this was so long.


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