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I wrote this tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence.
 Please Do Not add to any website,Yahoo-group or Forum,without permission from me.
The Kit I am using is called "B**ch with Attitude" by Purple's Kreationz and can be found Here
 I am using the Art of Greg Horn,when he was with "CLIM", you can find his art Here
Lets begin
2 Tubes from same Artist
Drop Shadow= DS= 2,2,50,black
Mask-CMC Sparkles 31--Sabines Here
800 X 800
1.) F3-Copy and paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL. With magic wand click in center--selections-mdify-expand X6
2.) P5-(or 1 of your choice) C&P as NRL-- invert on frame-delete on paper.Select none = SN -- (crop-opaque--if needed)
3.) Tube 1-C&P as NRL-- place her on left side and in front of frame. Duplicate = Dup.--gaussian blur 6--Blend Mode = BM=soft light--opacity = Op.= 90% --Merge Down = MD--DS
Tube 2 (R= 70% X 2) sharpen - unsharp mask--repeat the above-- then place her on top right side--DS
4.) Barbed wire--C&P as NRL--place it on top middle-and slightly to the left--dup--mirror and MD--place this layer right above background--cut off 1/2 block from right--then crop opaque-DS
5.) Boots-C&P as NRL-mirror-place on lower right corner--DS-
6.) Bubblegum--R=60%-unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-place on left bottom corner--DS
7.) Bunny -- R=80% -- unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--place center bottom--DS
8.) Glitter- C&P as NRL-- Place upper left side--dup--mirror--flip--MD--DS--place this layer right above background
9.) Martini -- R = 80%- sharpen--C&P as NRL--place next to bunny--DS
10.) Metal Skull--C&P as NRL--place on upper left corner--DS--free rotate--Left 25--tag reference = TR
11.) Notes --C&P as NRL--place upper center--DS
12.) Perfume--R = 60%--unsharp mask-C&P as NRL--place next to boots--DS
13.) Ribbon 2---C&P as NRL---Place upper left corner above the notes--DS--dup-R= 60%--sharpen--place on bottom right--mirrored--MD
14.) Skull2--R = 80% unsharp mask-- -C&P as NRL--place above boots--dup.-- R = 80% -- sharpen--mirror--place center of spikes --TR
15.) Wire 2---C&P as NRL---place it right above frame--move layer above glitter one--DS--TR
16.) USB--R= 70% unsharp mask---C&P as NRL---Place right above bubblegum--DS--TR
17.) Flower 2-- R = 70%--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL--place on top right-DS-dup.-R=70%-sharpen-place on bottom right--dup.--R 70%--sharpen--place on left side of Martini..TR--MD all flower layers together
18.) Butterfly-R = 70% X2--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL---place on upper left side--free rotate--right-15--DS--Dup.--R = 70%-- mirror
19.) Close background layer--Merge Visible= MV-- all other layers--
Sparkles 2--C&P as NRL--place on top----DO NOT DS--
20.) Sparkles--- C&P as NRL-- place on bottom--MV these layers--
21.) R=All layers--63%--unsharp mask
22.) P4--(or 1 of your choice) place beneath the merged layers
add mask of choice I used--CMC Sparkles 3 Sabines--Make a mask sparkle MF01slow2011--now delete mask--ungroup layers
24.) Open background--MV all layers--Add ALL Copy Right and save as PNG.
Thanks for doing my tut,

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