Thursday, August 15, 2013

Green with Envy

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance is purely a coincidence.Please DO NOT add this to any website,Group or Forum with out my permission.
These cute posers are from Elisa Designs and you can find them Here  
The awesome Scrapkit is from TopCats Tagz and you can find them on her site Here 
  You will need --- Filters = Xenofex 2--Constellations
Drop Shadow = DS--= 2,2,50,5,black
Let's begin:
1.) First we are gonna put the bird in the cage--\600X600, EL.48 Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL and place in center.
duplicate= dup.-- layer and close for now.
2.) EL. 49 -- Resize = R= 80 X2--sharpen--unsharp mask = bird nicely over cage, DS..once happy- move duplicate cage layer above Bird layer.. Tag Reference - TR-- Merge Visible = MV-- all layers, close for now..
900 X 900
3.)  EL 31 --C&P as NRL- place on left side--free rotate==Right 90-- Tag Reference= TR.
4.) With Magic wand, click inside each opening- Sel.- Mod.- Expand 7.
5.) P3---C&P as NRL- invert-on frame layer--delete on paper layer-- crop --opaque --place below frame..DS both .
6.) Poser 005 -- R = 50% & 80% - Usm. -C&P as NRL-place below frame layer -- erase any over hanging.
7.) EL 11.- -C&P as NRL- place on right side -- DS--Mirror
8.) Bird cage - The one you did earlier -- --C&P as NRL-Place on the Doodle on the right--Tr -- use the freehand selection tool --with these settings -- poiint to point -- add shift -- feather = 0 - - smoothing = 0 -- anti- alias checked-- go around the top of the  birdcage-- Ex 1 and Ex 2

9.) EL. 9 ---C&P as NRL- place on bottom  right-- DS--Tr--dup. and mirror-place over the other shoe -- Merge Down = MD--Tr
10.) EL 46 ---C&P as NRL-place above bottom layer-- move to left side -- DS-- Tr
11.) EL 42 -- -C&P as NRL-Place on left side--move above background-- DS -- Tr
12.) EL 22--C&P as NRL- place near shoes--DS--Tr
13.) EL 23.--R=80% X 2 -- Usm-- C&P as NRL-place next to glass-- DS -- dup. R= 80 % place next other--place this layer below other.
14.) Tube 010 -- R= 60% & 80% X2 -- Usm--C&P as NRL- Place on left front -- DS--Tr
15.) EL 24 -- -C&P as NRL- Place on right bottom--move & place above bottom--DS--Tr
16.) EL 18-- R = 60% --Usm--C&P as NRL-  place below glass--Ds--move to left side--dup.- R = 80% -place next to other --dup.-R 80%- place on left--Tr--Md all 3
17.) EL 19--C&P as NRL- place above bottom--move up a bit --DS-Tr
18.) EL 16 -- R = 80% Usm--C&P as NRL- place in front of shoes--Tr-- NO DS-- (Dup. 3 to 4X's--for animation-rename them ring 1,2,3 &4) close these for now.
19.) EL 10 -- R= 80% X2-Usm--C&P as NRL- place behind the cupcakes--DS-
20.) Paper of choice-- -C&P as NRL- add a mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layer-- crop selection-- opaque if needed.
21.) R-- 56% sharpen-- if you don't want to animate-- open bottom layer--and MV all layers--Add all COPY right info and name save as PNG..
If you want to animate, lets get to it..
22.) Add all COPY right info.-- now close all the ring layers--  open bottom and MV.. all other layers..
23.) Now open Ring 1-- go to Xenofex2--Constellation-- EX.3
these settings--star size = 10.50
Size Variation = 25
Edge Star Density = 19
Overall Star Density = 0
Overdrive = 100
Twinkle Amount = 45
Keep original Image
Random seed = 1
Close out #1, and on all the other layers, the same filter just change the Random seed 1X..
Now open Animation shop. Open the merged layer and starting with 1, Copy merged and paste into animation shop.
PSP--close out #1, open #2 and copy merged and paste after current frame..once you are done, all 4 layers should be in animation shop,as your frames
go to Edit-select all - and go to animation properties--opaque -- white and then keep all 4 frames active- Frame properties 15-- view and when happy save as gif.
I hope you enjoyed this one..
 I added a border to this one..


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