Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Tribute to Austin Griffin...

This young Man,passed away July 18,2013.
We have known him and his family for 8 Yr.s, He was always going to the restaurant,where Albert (my Brother) works,cause he liked Albert's cooking...Austin lived life like he should, He loved Jesus,and participated in a lot of functions for the Church they went to,in Soda Springs, Tx. He also loved Football..
Austin, you will always be with us,Until we meet again..


bwrights said...

Bruce and I were very Blessed to know you and we will see you again one day. Austin, my favorite memory of you was when You and Ashley sang together in front of the Church when y'all were younger. You both belted the song out loud and Proud and left me in shock because you were both on the shy side back then. I was so Proud of you both I was hiding tears behind my smile. Till we meet again ~ Teresa

Audrey Mansell said...

Austin, we so enjoyed having you as part of our lives. We have precious memories forever of all our adventures together. Thinking back I have to believe anything in the water was your favorite thing to do. But, you never backed up from a cooking or baking project. You are definitely missed and we look forward to the day we will see you again in heaven. Love ya', Audrey, Guy & Jazmyne

amanda said...

Austin u were like a lil brother to me u always had a smile .. I'm so thankful u spent the 4th of July with me Anthony and the kids we had so much fun :) I love u Austin u will always be a part of my heart ♥♥♥